Preservation and Renovation

Nagano is one of the most incredible places on earth. It is in the centre of the Japanese Alps and blessed with a natural beauty that dramatically changes with the seasons. Amongst this mountainous setting, there are small towns and villages with local Japanese working mainly in agriculture or the numerous ski resorts. There is an unusually high concentration of traditional buildings handed down through generations, many with histories dating back over 200 years. As many of the younger local population have moved to the larger cities, these buildings have become uninhabited and they are literally collapsing under metres of snow that come every winter. In many other countries they would be treasured as cultural assets but modern Japan has struggled to recognise their true value. We are working with the local government to increase their recognition and helping private investors support viable renovation projects so we can keep these architectural wonders for generations to come.

Working with local architects and craftspeople


Alongside the physical preservation, it is extremely important to preserve the traditional skills of the local craftspeople.

Our team includes inspiring local Japanese architects who employ local craftspeople using traditional techniques required for truly authentic renovations. Such renovations are always extremely bespoke and give many opportunities for creative and innovative new spaces within the traditional setting. Each renovation is a collaborative process where ideas are shared and developed together.

This allows investors to make informed choices and the flexibility to choose how the spaces are developed for many different purposes.

Boosting the local rural economy

Rural Japan is extremely poor and there is little work for younger people, who have consequently moved to the cities.

Traditional renovations will provide more outstanding and varied accommodation for tourists to enjoy Nagano, an area which offers so many experiences for everyone all year round.